Monday, August 30, 2010

Cold in a Heat Wave

I'm returning to the world of blogging after a week full of polishing my mommy skills. What was I doing that was so much more important than posting meal plans and useful tips? Suffering through a cold with my sweet baby. Baby Josey was sick for the first time since she came home from the hospital, and so was I. Josey was much worse off than I, but when your baby is sick, it makes taking care of yourself ten times more difficult. So what did I learn during this week? Plenty.

1. You can't wear yourself out while taking care of a sick baby. The baby needs attention, so it may be necessary to call in back up. Grandmothers are excellent at this. My mom graciously watched and cared for Josey while I slept so I'd be in good shape to take the night shift. If I hadn't gotten those naps, I wouldn't have been a good caregiver.

2. Humidifiers help with runny roses. When you're sick, the humidity should be above 40% to get some relief. But if you have asthma (like I do), it can aggravate it.

3. A waterless plug-in vaporizer is a wonder. It gets rid of sniffles without the need for messy vapor rub or a dangerous steaming vaporizer.

4. Drink, drink, drink! Josey and I had plenty of apple juice to help thin out the gunk in our noses.It made such a huge difference.

5. Even when they're sick, babies make the best cuddle buddies. Josey clung to me like never  before because she knew I was giving my all to help her feel better, and that made me feel better.

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